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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are you a China-based company?
  2. No, we are a company based in California, USA. All orders are shipped from our warehouse in California.

  3. I am in Massachusetts. How hong does it take for me to receive my order?
  4. All orders are shipped via US Postal Service. If shipped by priority mail, your order will take 2-3 days to arrive. By first class, it takes 3-5 days.

  5. Do I need a business license to buy your products?
  6. No, you do not need a license to order products on our website. Our prices are wholesale to the public.

  7. Are your prices wholesale? Is there a minimum requirement?
  8. Yes, the marked prices are wholesale prices and no minimum amount is required.

  9. Do you offer more discount if I have a retail license?
  10. No. The additional discounts are given based on order amount but not on whether you have a license. When the subtotal of your order/your shopping cart reaches a required level, the discount will be applied automatically. Click here to see how additional discounts are applied.

  11. I am starting my own jewelry design business but I don't have a license right now. Can I buy from your website?
  12. Yes, you can. You don't need a business license or have a business in order to buy from us.

  13. I am from England and beading is my hobby. Can I place an order and make a payment by PayPal or wire transfer?
  14. Yes, you can. You can pay through your PayPal account. Or if you have one of the major credit cards, you can buy directly and pay immediately on our website. Wire transfer of fund to our bank account is also easy. Simply email us your request for our bank account information.

  15. Do you charge sales tax?
  16. No, we do not charge sales tax except for California residents. For California residents and businesses, if you have a valid Federal Tax ID # or reseller's permit, please email a copy to us at When we receive your tax ID, we'll set account 'tax free' so that sales tax will not be charged to your orders.

  17. Do you have a catalog to send me?
  18. No, we do not have printed catalogs. Our website serves as our online catalog. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

  19. Do I need to register before placing orders at your website?
  20. Yes, you need to register an account with us before checkout your items. Click here to register.

  21. I am from Australia and I like your products very much. How much do you charge for shipping?
  22. We ship our products internationally. International shipping charges are based on the amount of your order. The shipping charge is an estimate of average shipping cost to foreign countries. We only charge you the actual shipping cost plus cost for packaging material. We do not make money on shipping. In very few cases, the actual shipping may cost much more than we charge in which case we will notify foreign customers about the increased shipping charge before we mail the package.

  23. I placed an order today. I want to have it sent overnight. How do I do that and how much more will it cost?
  24. You can indicate your special shipping request in the comment box at the end of checkout. We will review the comment of every order to check for any special request. After we receive your order, we will inform you the extra cost for expedited delivery service by either emailing or calling you.

  25. I had some items in my shopping cart. Now they are gone, what happened?
  26. If you did not delete the items or empty your shopping cart, the items are most probably still there. Check if you are still logged in your account. If not, log in your account again and you'll see the items in your shopping cart.

  27. If I am not satisfied with a product I bought, can I return it?
  28. Yes, you may return the product within 30 days of purchase. Our return/exchange procedures are quite simple. Please refer to our Product Returns page for details.



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