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Brown Opal

Brown opal beads and pendants are wonderful for jewelers on a budget. These natural opal pendants are very affordable. Brown opal is an opaque gemstone with colors of brown, tan, peach, pink, and yellow. The stones themselves have overlapping colors to create textures. The also have small veins of color which may creep across like webs. These colors and textures distinguish brown opal from other gemstones as being a beautiful but affordable gemstone.

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Brown opal free-form teardrop pendant (29x42-30x50mm)
Item Number: P0222
Price: $2.88
View Brown opal free-form teardrop pendant (29x42-30x50mm)
Brown opal diamond-shaped pendant (38x38mm)
Item Number: P1958-1
Price: $0.95
View Brown opal diamond-shaped pendant (38x38mm)
Brown opal oval pendant (30x40mm)
Item Number: P1958-3
Price: $0.95
View Brown opal oval pendant (30x40mm)
Brown opal rectangle pendant (24x35mm)
Item Number: P1958-4
Price: $0.95
View Brown opal rectangle pendant (24x35mm)